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We are hobby/show breeders of Pomeranians. Our beautiful poms are each more different than the other and love them like they are my babies!!!. They are AKC. We live near the outside of Fresno, CA. We are focusing on quality poms in exotic colors and striving for excellence in color & temperament as well as AKC standards. Some our lines include CH lines from WEE HEART, Sharp Poms, Avalon, Heartlands, Sho-Wins, Queenaire, Great Elms, Arcadian, Star Havens, Morenos, Pomfevre, Pombreden, Finch's, Mercers Exotica, Parker, Kitsan,Moreno, TLC, Cedarwood . Our dogs are NOT raised in cages/kennels, They are supervised 24/7 with lots of love. They enjoy playing outside, running, going to, playing with lots of toys, playing around in the dirt, playing with other dogs and chewing. They even sleep in my bed. Our babies are pampered poms, although they know they run the show! They are just happy, healthy little poms who have a great life with lots of fun and lots of love. Our dogs are brushed once a week, nails are once a week also. I feed a high quality dog food (Blackwood and Raw diet). All of them have current shots, they have been dewormed and they get daily vitamins as well as lots of treats.

Our puppies are born and raised in my bedroom, we are there from start to finish. Most of them will weigh from 4 to 7pounds, but once in a while we have very tiny babies 3 pounds when full grown I do not intentionally breed for it ,as I do not feel it is healthy or right thing to do, AKC does not recognize the classification of "teacup".  That term refers to a puppy under the 4lb standard. Pomeranians have double coats (a thick undercoat and a top coat). Our puppies are sold only to loving homes and will never be sold to pet stores or pet brokers. Every puppy comes with our full support! Our goal is to match the right puppy to the right home. We carefully select our breeding/show adults based on their health, champion pedigrees, correct conformation, and STDs-free. Puppies are an investment of time, money, and forever care so buy wisely and from a reputable breeder and we hope you choose us! When a puppy leaves us for their new home, please realize they have been with us every day for 8+ weeks. We make sure the Mothers are nursing, and the puppies are kept warm, dry and clean.  Sometimes supplemental hand-feeding with a syringe is required.  Post-weaning, food is available to them 24/7 to prevent low blood sugar, otherwise known as hypoglycemia, a preventable condition but, left untreated, can be fatal to puppies.  They are handled with love, bathed, groomed, supervised, and also model for pictures!  So... your puppy has already had a LOT of care/attention before they go to you.  Please take the time to read our Page on "Things you may need to know" so you are also equipped to care for your delicate little puppy. Your puppy should be introduced into your home Slowly, not played with constantly, because they are still tiny babies requiring adequate rest and access to food/water at all times.  To protect the health & safety of our family and Pomeranians residing in our homes, we meet new owners at a mutally agreed-upon location either at a public park, fast food place or our veteranian's office.  Therefore, I have provided pictures of my home here. ( coming soon!)  During pickup, please allow enough time to go over important puppy care instructions and so that I may answer your questions! 


WE ADD FRAMES AND CAPTIONS (and some accessories!)


If you need any further information about any of our dogs, stud service or available puppies, feel free to contact us or if you have any problem with the puppy whether it be financial, illness, or just unable to handle the puppy.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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